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B|O estate sale services


• boutique inspired estate sale services •

efficient barcoding system, advertising, pre-sale set up & post-sale clean up

Divorce, downsizing or death - the three most common reasons people decide to sell the contents of a home. Our Estate Sale services will save you time and stress. We take care of advertising, staffing, credit card fees and sales taxes. We charge a one-time setup fee and receive a percentage of the sales.


thank you - you'll be notified about upcoming estate sales!

dallas estate sale

• pre-sale setup •

one-time setup fee (varies)

​We sort, clean, price & stage items for optimum sales. To ensure efficient sales, all items are tagged with barcodes. Sales reports are provided upon payout. Our goal is to create a boutique estate sale shopping experience.

dfw estate sales

• post-sale cleanup •

disposal fee (optional)

After the estate sale ends, the property will be cleaned up & cleaned out. We'll assist with the items that don't sale by donating or consignment. We can also help with securing proper disposal of any items that cannot be donated (fees vary).

• conduct of sale •

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will conduct the sale with two objectives: 1) sell every available item and 2) maximize the proceeds from the sale. We will negotiate on your behalf during the estate sale. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market-place, online resources & a network of individuals that specialize in antiques, art and jewelry appraisals.


• advertising •

Estate sale events are advertised weeks prior using various social media platforms, email distribution list, major estate sale directory websites, Craigslist, Nextdoor and our website. Please note that for security purposes we do not release an address until the estate sale is live. 

dallas boutique estate sales
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