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Organize a Garage in 3 Steps

Contain yourself, it's finally Fall! Time to organize that cluttered garage. The cooler weather is slowly arriving. Now is the perfect time to organize your garage and prep your home for the upcoming winter months. Are you currently parking your car in the garage? If not, ask yourself if the clutter in your garage is worth more than your vehicle.

1. Garage Organizing Tips // Sorting Process

As you begin to remove everything, group like items together. Discard empty boxes/bags, non-working items and any hazardous liquids (discard responsibly). Recycle or donate other items and don't forget to sweep!

2. Maximize Space // Proper Storage Take advantage of wall/ceiling space by installing shelves, cabinets, racks or wall components. The goal is to keep items off of the garage floor.

3. Designate Zones // Effective Storage

Group and store items by zone - Landscape, Gardening, Automotive, Tools, Home Improvement, Sports. Easily locate items by using clear storage containers and label accordingly.

Information on where or how to recycle.

Information on where to donate.

Storage Product Information.


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