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professional organizing • move management • life transitions

Blissfully Organized, located in Dallas, TX, is a comprehensive professional organizing company. Our dedicated team of Professional Organizers excels in crafting sustainable organizational solutions while compassionately navigating life's transitions.


Life's demands and unexpected events can leave you feeling overwhelmed - seeking to find a path to inner peace. We can assist with everything from decluttering before a move to creating efficient storage solutions within your existing space. 



discover your own road to calm • progress not perfection

ORGANIZING SERVICES • getting started

new client intake form

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming organized. Together, we'll create an organizing system that works best for you. In order for us to gain some insight on your organizing project(s), we encourage you to complete our client intake form. Each organizing project differs so please keep in mind that actual time spent organizing may vary.


clutter types & spaces we organize

Is clutter keeping you from living your ideal life? Transform chaos into clarity and disarray into a peaceful environment. Whether you're downsizing, adapting to a new home, or just simplifying - we offer guidance, encouragement, and accountability. Our organizing services are custom-fit to your needs.

common clutter magnet area's •

  • countertops

  • pantry

  • floor

  • tabletops

  • desktops

  • drawers

common physical clutter •

  • paperwork

  • un-opened mail

  • collections

  • arts & craft supplies

  • memorabilia

  • clothing  

common digital clutter •

  • computer desktop files

  • email

  • digital pictures

  • tablets

  • smartphones

ORGANIZING SUCCESS • scheduling suggestions

average time spent organizing

Achieving and maintaining organization is a continuous journey. Partnering with a professional organizer will accelerate your progress towards your organizing objectives. The duration of this journey depends on various elements: the extent of clutter, the scope of the organizing project, the speed at which you make decisions, your dedication to the organizing project, and the availability of necessary resources and supplies. With these considerations in mind, please refer to our guidelines on the estimated number of hours required to complete an organizing project.

  • attic (walk-ins only) ⤑ 6-12 hours

  • bathrooms ⤑ 4-12 hours 

  • bedrooms (including dressers) ⤑ 6-18 hours

  • clothes closet ⤑ 6-24 hours

  • catch-all room ⤑ 6-12 hours

  • craft room ⤑ 6-18 hours

  • garage ⤑ 6-16 hours

  • home office - paperwork ⤑ 6-24 hours

  • kitchen - pantry ⤑ 6-16 hours

  • linen - coat closet ⤑ 4-6 hours

  • memorabilia ⤑ 6-18 hours

  • playroom ⤑ 6-16 hours

  • storage unit (offsite) ⤑ 6-24 hours


• start to finish •

ECO ORGANIZING SERVICES • green organizers

reduce • reuse • repair • recycle • rethink • repurpose

• complimentary donation drop off •

At the end of each session, we load allowable donations and drop them off for you at the closest donation center. one load per organizing session. larger loads will be scheduled for pick-up. 

• zero waste organizing practices •

During the decluttering process we sort recyclables and provide resources on proper disposal of general household items and hazardous waste materials. Check out the quick guide to recycling.

• repurpose storage •

For storage, we attempt to use what you already own. However, sometimes we may suggest purchasing new organizing product in order to efficiently and effectively store your items. Shop recommended storage solutions.

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