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Established in 2011, Blissfully Organized is a Dallas based Professional Organizing Company led by Chief Executive Organizer, Reanna Wallace. Our team of Professional Organizers specialize in effectively managing life transitions, mindful organizing practices + creating sustainable organizing solutions.


We help our clients see their space from a fresh perspective + work closely with them in establishing healthy organizing habits. We also develop organizing systems individually tailored to our clients needs.


While helping our clients find a path to inner peace, any information shared with us is confidential + non-judgmental. Our Professional Organizers adhere to the NAPO code of ethics.


Blissfully Organized is bonded + insured with The Hartford.

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reanna wallace

founder + chief executive organizer

Louisiana native, Reanna Wallace, has years of experience in the service + hospitality industry as well as an extensive corporate background. Although she enjoyed the many facets of Corporate America, Reanna's true passion for organizing, problem solving + helping others led to the creation of Blissfully Organized. Reanna is an active member of various professional organizations that keep her up to date on the latest organizing trends + current events.

Organizing Specialist Ali Sie

ali sien

organizing specialist + lead

Dallas native, Ali Sien, is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas in Psychology. Ali’s love for organizing, improving efficiency + recycling has brought her to Blissfully Organized, where she can put her skills to good use. Though she enjoys organizing all spaces, her favorites areas to organize are kitchens and home offices.

Organizing Specialist • Blissfully Organized

shelby enniks-hanson

organizing specialist + lead

Washington native, Shelby Enniks-Hanson, has been a Dallas resident since 2002. She credits Motherhood for the discovery of her passion of de-cluttering + organizing. Some of Shelby's favorite spaces to organize are nurseries, children’s rooms + playrooms. She finds organizing to be therapeutic + enjoys creating calm spaces for others.

professional affiliations

Denton Chamber of Commerce

resources for recycling

We ORGANIZE responsibly. Recyclable items such as electronics, batteries, glass, expired medicine, paper, plastic products will be disposed of properly. 

Blissfully Organized • Organizing Specialist

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